Development Roadmap

Things are not done after the initial launch. Various issues need to be fixed, and additional features need newly developement. With this Roadmap we try to make this transparent.

If you have a suggestion or improvement? Please let us know in the feedback form.We get back to you as soon as possible, and perhaps put your suggestion on the roadmap.

Short Term Improvements

  • Frontpage:
    • dynamic numbers for # publications, # dataset, etc in the first paragraph of the welcome text.
    • in Header: Title colour in white + when done: change to original photo in header (currently white washed for readability of black text)
  • Pages and Helptext
    • Check every text and layout on all pages for accuracy, soundness and correctness, also if additional content is needed.
    • Check the menu bar.
    • Make FAQ page
    • Add Roadmap to a (FAQ?) page
  • Data sources:
  • Projects:
  • Develop page:
    • Add info for pointing to and using the Community Data Dump
    • Add information for external / previous users of NARCIS data; how to get the Community data from the sources / Dutch Research Institutions.
  • Portal Usage Statistics (upon request)

Long Term Developments

  • Expert pages, aligned with
  • Analysis on applicability of API usage for KB Edepot (archive) and UKBsis (open access analysis)
  • Add affiliation information, information about faculties, departments and organisational structure to the OpenAIRE Graph.
  • Single Sign On voor gebruikers (SURF Connext?)