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How does this portal relate to the Dutch context of Open Science, Academic Sovereignty and an Open Knowledge Base?

In the Netherlands we progressively became aware that making research evaluations and intelligence analytics on the research information you don't have control over anymore is hard to explain. Especially when at the same time promoting Open Science, new transparent Recognition and Rewards evaluation methods, and safeguarding Public Values and Academic Sovereignty.

Therfore the Universities of the Netherlands promoted the Open Research Information Agenda. This portal is made in the context of that strategic and political development, together with SURF roadmap on Open Research Information and the Ambition of the Dutch Research Libraries (UKB)

The NL Research Portal is a pragmatic expression of the Dutch Open Knowledge Base, described in this Feasibility study by Dialogic. Kemman, Max, & Te Velde, Robbin. (2020). Feasibility study Open Knowledge Base (1.0). Zenodo. (see figure Proposal on page 3)

The portal tries to tick the boxes when it comes to the Seven Guiding Principles for research organisations when creating and procuring services to manage research information. Bijsterbosch, Magchiel, Dunning, Alastair, Jansen, Darco, Haring, Max, de Rijcke, Sarah, & Vanderfeesten, Maurice. (2022). Seven Guiding Principles for Open Research Information (Version 1). Zenodo.

Are there any presentations or video's explaining more about this portal?

Yes. Before the launch of the portal on July the 1th 2023, we had a webinar explaining the background of the project and demonstrating the portal in the perspective of the end user, the manager of the portal,the repository manager, and data analyst.

Click to open the PRESENTATION

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Is there a guide that helps me making my data and publications appear in this portal?

Yes, there is. The Dutch consortium of University Libraries and the National Library of the Netherlands (UKB), together with the Universities of The Netherlands (UNL), the Dutch national centre of expertise and repository for research data (DANS) and the Dutch Research Council (NWO), has published a practical guide on Open Science.

[Download here "Open Science: A Practical Guide for Early-Career Researchers"]

Beginning researchers are an important link in the transition to Open Science, so this guide is aimed at PhD candidates, Research Master Students, and early-career researchers from all disciplines at Dutch universities and research institutes. It is designed to accompany researchers in every step of their research, from the phase of preparing your research project and discovering relevant resources (chapter 2) to the phase of data collection and analysis (chapter 3), writing and publishing articles, data, and other research output (chapter 4), and outreach and assessment (chapter 5). Every chapter provides you with the best tools and practices to implement Open Science immediately.

What is that header image about?

This is a photo taken by landscape photographer Albert Dros in the Dutch heathlands of National Park the Hoge Veluwe.

Original image:

With this photo we want to present a different side of the Netherlands than the usual tulips and windmills; the precious and limited ancient landscape of the Netherlands that is still left in a densely populated country. The same upholds for the academic research, that needs curation to withstand the tidal influences of time and trade.

Image license:The photo is licenced to be used by UKB for the purpose of this NL Research Portal and other communication material.

Color palette explanation:The colour scheme is heather-purple on purpose, because it is not appearing in any of the logo's or color schemes of the other Dutch research performing and funding organisations.

Color palette names and hex codes: {"Mauve":"d9bbf9","Rosy brown":"cca7a2","Rose quartz":"aa9fb1","Amethyst":"7871aa","Ultra Violet":"4e5283"}

Color palette online, Dutch Heathlands:

Is there a guide that helps me also to make a Research Portal?

Yes there is:

Vanderfeesten, Maurice, & Bosch, Sander. (2023). AURORA RI Deliverable 6.1 - Aurora Open Science Monitor (1.0). Zenodo.

From page 6 till 8 is a step you step guide that tells what a coordinator needs to do and what the individual universities need to do.